Link at the National Upland Classic. As a 8 month old she placed 6th. Link is sired by Casey.

Cooter and Remi: (3X) Back to back to back Utah Bird Dog Challenge champions. Both dogs are out of Casey and Rio.


Above: "Lucy" owned by Jason Jenson retrieving a goose at 7 months of age. On opening day "she performed flawlessly, retrieving a limit of ducks and two geese. One of the geese she marked at 250 yards." Out of Casey and Sharley


Casey (Sire,left) Senior Hunter, Cache received his AKC Senior title Spring 2010 (middle). Suzie (Dam, right) Junior Hunter.


Harley (owned by Wes Bennet) is titled through the AKC hunt tests. He is sired by Casey


Eddie has already climbed more mountains than most of us do in a lifetime. In his owners words "he is the epitome of man's best friend."


Coalby (out of Maydays Emmy Award), owned by Debbi Maez. Coalby is a disaster search K9 (for situations like we have in Haiti right now). His instructors call him "an absolute diamond." Thanks for all you do Debbi!


Benelli Outlaw Jones owned by Paul and Susie Headlee. "He is a wonderful animal in everyway. He doesn't bark or growl, is great with children and not hyper at all." Yet he can hunt too. That is what we try to produce as labs.


"A Leo / Suzie pup. At 10 weeks old he made his first swimming retrieve, He took to water without any problems, Goose charges the water as hard as any dog I have seen and loves to retreive. He will sit on a whistle and hand signal at 12 weeks old. He is making 30 yrd marked retrieves and will return on a whistle. I would recomend his pups to anyone looking for a true retriever. Great pups." From Mike Still