Non-Snake River Retriever Puppies

Below are puppies that are sired by one of our males, but the dam is not ours. Snake River Retriever guarantees do not apply. Please contact litter owners to inquire about possible guarantees.

Ace and Violet $600

This is an all black litter born 5/16/2017. For more information contact Susan at 307-679-4322. This litter is located in southwest Wyoming.

Griz x Remi all chocolate $800

Born June 8th.  For more information call 208-880-5145. 

Ace x Annie $900

Born 6/3/2017. This is an all yellow litter. For more information contact Sally at 208-709-5985 see www.labsofcottonhollow.com

Ace x Cinder (labradoodles) $900

Ace was bred with a purebred poodle to make some hypoallergenic labradoodles. Pups are all black. More more information contact 208-705-0502.Pups were born on June 17th 2017