Airline options

Delivery charges
There is a $50 airport delivery fee for flights out of Idaho Falls to cover our expenses.
There is a $250 airport delivery fee for flights out of Salt Lake City to cover our expenses. (typically only during Nov - Feb when weather is too cold)

1.  The buyer is responsible for all charges related to the flight.  This includes a crate, health certificate, any relevant vet fees and any delivery charges as well as all other applicable charges.
2. Once the puppy is dropped off with the airline, all damages or problems associated with the puppy are unrelated to snake river retrievers and are the responsibility of the buyer.
3. Flights are typically dependent on the weather.  We will try to accommodate delivery days as much as possible.  If flights are not possible, it is the buyers responsibility to obtain a means to pick up the dog.
4. Puppies held longer than the age of 8 weeks may be charged a boarding fee of $13 per day.