Seaside's Casey Jones MH


                                                                                                                                                   MASTER HUNTER

Seaside's Casey Jones MH        DNA#V440134         Thyroid Normal         OFA HIP Good         OFA ELBOW Normal          CERF clear             CHIC# 52912.     CNM Clear      No allergies          72 lbs

Casey is a Master Hunter through the AKC.  This is the highest accomplishment through the hunt tests. Casey is an excellent tempered lab with great retrieving instincts. Most people need a great family lab that can hunt too. Casey is that perfect model. He is mellow around children, very easy going, yet an absolute machine when hunting.  He can go all day and he has an outstanding pedigree to boot! Casey watches for birds attentively and is steady in the blind. He retrieved over 400 ducks and geese this past hunting season and is well over 2500 for his career.  Casey's pedigree is one of the strongest available. He is sired by 2004 National Field Champion Dewey's Drake of Moon River. Casey is currently available for stud. His stud fee is $550.  He is a proven stud with over 30 litters to date. Puppies from Casey are extremely easy to train and very accomplished retrievers. Casey is housed in Idaho and Utah during different parts of the year.

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